First Nations Schools News

2 weeks 5 days
Free NED 2015-16 Program is now available for your Grade 7 & 8 classrooms!
The Ned Program provides online supplementary courses for grade 7 and 8 students in First Nation elementary schools and education programs across Ontario. This program is designed to enrich (not replace) classroom teaching by offering courses in Math, [More]
3 months 4 weeks
National First Nations and Inuit Science Camp - August 10 - 17, 2015
As the Ontario Regional Management Office for AANDC's First Nation SchoolNet Program we are relaying this invite to all First Nations & Inuit children to apply for the First Nations and Inuit National Science Camp. [More]
4 months 3 days
Youth ICT Worker Alfred Faval with Lac Seul First Nation Internet Company
Alfred (in black) is a past Youth ICT Worker under the First Nation Youth Employment Initiative of the First Nation SchoolNet Program. [More]
8 months 3 weeks
2014-15 Youth ICT Training & Employment Program
First Nation Schools in Ontario are invited to participate in the Youth ICT Training & Employment Program. Please click on the file, print, fill out, send in and a hiring package will be sent to you. [More]