2015-16 Youth ICT Worker Program Announcement

We are pleased to announce a youth employment program that is available to all of our participating First Nations Schools under the First Nations SchoolNet Program. There are 30 positions available.

Are you interested in supporting local youth employment & training initiatives?
Do you need more technical support within your school?
If so, than the Youth ICT Worker program is for you & your organization!

As Ontario’s Regional Management Organization for AANDC’s (Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada) First Nations SchoolNet program, Keewaytinook Okimakanak, KNET program (KO-KNet) is delivering A Youth ICT Employment & Training Initiative to First Nations Schools in Ontario.

We are always seeking new and innovative way to help support your school’s ICT (Information Communication & Technology) needs and this free at no cost to you program is one of the ways we feel that we can help! We would like support your school by offering your community/school to participate in hiring one local youth to work & receive ICT training. The youth worker will need to participate on-line when training starts, so he/she will need access to a computer with internet access.

There are 30 youth positions available for and you are encouraged to act fast. Please fill out the form to express you interest in participating in this unique opportunity and send it back quickly to utilize the full 20 weeks.

The Youth ICT Worker Program is for 20 weeks from the date of hire and at the rate of $15.00 dollars an hour. Full time is encouraged, but we will support part-time if that is what your First Nation school needs are. There will be NO administration costs or fees to your financial administration. The hired youth will become an employee of KO-KNet, but would be your local worker to designate tasks for. There is a sample job description. Please contact me if you require a digital copy so that you can revise to suit your specific needs.

Due to the unique set up of this employment program, it is absolutely required that the hired youth as a bank account in his/her own name for direct deposit.

Please call if you have any more questions. Looking forward in hearing from you!


Angie Morris,
Youth Employment Coordinator
Email: angiemorris@knet.ca
Toll Free: 1-877-737-5638